Papa Louie Characters Wiki

Alex is a punk girl who dyed her hair green in the eighth grade. ( without her mom knowing! ) She is currently working in Oniontown with her friend Shawna. They both work at a place called The Room Road, which Kent owns because of Kenji his father. Her clothing choices are a blue and white top, a brown skirt, black shoes with red laces, and her hair is worn in two pigtails with a bow on the left side. She doesn't live with her parents, she is actually still in college in the senior year. her room mate is Ariana. Which works at Highland Ways. A restaurant in Tastyville.


- Hannah- stepmother

- Mindy- cousin

- Ryan- dad

- amir- older sister

- Eric- stepbrother

- Samuel- Grandpa

- Timm- uncle

- Mandi-aunt


-Annie- Mother


- Harry- boyfriend and co-worker

- Sarah- hairdresser

- Sasha- friend on campus

- willow- neighbor

- james-ex boyfriend

- akari- best friend