Olga is one of the fat female customers along with Bertha, Vicky, and Crystal. She marries Little Edoardo when you unlock Papa Louie in Papa's Pastaria.  Her first appearence was in Papa's Pizzeria.  When she was young she won a beauty pageant.

Born: December 22, 1931

Age: 88

Friends/Family[edit | edit source]


Edoardo Romano (Hubsand from Papa's Pastaria)

Appearance[edit | edit source]

When Olga was young, she was thin.  Since Papa's Pizzeria, she has been one of the obese customers.  She wears a black dress in Papa's Pizzeria-Papa's Cupcakeria, but in Papa's Pastaria she wears her wedding dress all year.  She has gray, short hair, and has a beauty mark on her face.

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