My blog...

By: Shaugn Tommy

Welcome to today's blog. Who played in the snow. Actually, i love snow I am more pregnant. So let's get to the important facts about me.

Height : '6 "15

Weight : 650 pounds

Description of Looks:

- Bleach blonde (cowhide)

- Brown chocolate chip eyes

- wears a lot of jerseys and sweatshirts

- light up sketchers with the velcro straps (only blue)

- Barney Pampers (on special occasions dora)

Hobbies :

- playing football and cricket

- collecting pennies (since the beginning of time)

- Killing butterfly's

- Small theft

P.S. For all the ladies and men out there my foot is 7 and 1/2 inches.

Also I am bilingual and except everyone.

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